Central Austin
Central Austin is obviously at the center of the city – the center of it all! Here you’ll find Downtown Austin with a majority of the bars and upscale restaurants that make up the exciting nightlife that Austin has to offer – such as the famous Sixth Street. You’ll also find numerous high-rise residential condominiums, many of them luxury, and also The University of Texas at Austin.  With everything in such close commute,  you won’t find yourself in trouble if you don’t have a vehicle. Central Austin is also where you will find the Capitol, Lady Bird Lake, and many of Austin’s popular outdoor attractions such as the Congress Bridge with the bats, Auditorium Shores, and many, many other things to see and do!

 Some of Central Austin’s Neighboorhoods: Hyde Park, Allandale, Tarrytown, Crestview and Rosedale. The closer you move towards Downtown Austin, of course, the higher the price of real estate. Location, Location, Location!



West Austin
West Austin is considered to be one of the wealthier areas of Austin, with rolling hills and lots of trees,  and gorgeous views. West Austin is almost like being in hill country, with long, curvy roads that have amazing scenery.  West Austin also includes Lake Travis, which has spectacular sunset views over the lake and subdivisions with luxurious amenities such as golf courses! West Austin also boasts some of the best schools in the Greater Austin Area as well.

Some of West Austin’s Neighboorhoods: Steiner Ranch and Cat Mountain



Southwest Austin
Southwest Austin is a more conservative part of the Austin area,  with middle-income range homes and large acreage lots. Also a lot of wildlife such as deer and coyote due to the open lands and the acreage.  There are good schools in this area of Austin, and a lot of older subdivisions. However, like all of the Austin area, there are always new subdivisions up and coming, such as Circle C Ranch. Many choose Southwest Austin as opposed to North Austin for its close proximity to Downtown and Central Austin.

Some of Southwest Austin’s Neighboorhoods: Circle C Ranch and Oak Hill


South Austin 
In South Austin, you will find the ever popular zipcode of 78704, where the slogan is “Keep Austin Weird” and there is a high population of  people in there 20’s.  Also, the vibe here is  artistic, laid-back and “hippie”, but that is not all of South Austin. There are many eclectic places and attractions to visit  in 78704, such as the funky and unique shops and businesses along South Congress, or SoCo.  South Austin also has Zilker Park and the gorgeous Greenbelt, making it a popular place for those who are outdoor-sy and love nature. There are also some great family neighborhoods as well, such as Barton Hills. Homes not in the 78704 zipcode are much more affordable, and with its close commute to Downtown and the Central Austin area are great reasons why many choose to call this area of Austin home.

Some of South Austin’s Neighboorhoods: Bouldin Creek, Barton Hills , SoCo and Travis Heights


Southeast Austin
Being in such close proximity to the UT Campus, you will  find a lot of rental homes here and a lot of students that choose to live off campus in affordable rental homes.. There are plenty of affordable homes in this area, despite being in South Austin.

Some of Southest Austin’s Neighboorhoods: Riverside and Pleasant Valley



East Austin

            East Austin, historically, was know for being at the lower end of the economic spectrum, but has undergone a huge change within the past decade – there are lots of new condo and housing developments that have emerged, making it one of  the more “trendy” neighborhoods to live in. Homes are a lot older here, with the exception of newer developments such as Mueller.

Some of East Austin’s Neighboorhoods: Mueller,



North Austin
North Austin definitely is one of the areas of Austin that boasts a lot of shopping centers and places to go – such as the Domain and the Arboretum. There are also a lot of more affordable homes in the North Austin area as opposed to others.  It is also still relatively close to the Central Austin area, so the commute is not too great!

Some of North Austin’s Neighboorhoods: Spicewood, The Arboretum